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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Charlene's Trees of Life

 This lovely wall hanging belongs to Charlene. She told me that this began as a bunch of triangle squares she made using Edyta Sitar's triangle papers. She just kept making all kinds of them until she had enough, and then some, to make these trees. She has since made another wall hanging just like this one, which was also quilted just like this one. There might be more of these trees, or something else using triangle squares coming from her, since she made so many of them, that she still has hundreds of them left. Now that's my kind of leftovers. LOL!
Charlene said she wanted it quilted with something with leaves, so I used a pantograph called Botanical Gardens. She wanted leaves, and she got them. The texture from all the different leaves in the quilting design in the open spaces is wonderful! I think this is one of my favourite pantos, with the combination of pointed areas and curves in the same pantograph. I'm looking forward to seeing what she does with the rest of those triangle squares.

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