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Friday 28 February 2014

On the Needles...

I finally got around to getting the toes of these socks grafted together. And I took a picture of them on my feet. My son, who is here visiting with us just saw me post this picture of my feet in their new socks, and he thinks it is very weird. When I told him that there are other people who also take pictures of their feet in new socks, he thought that was even weirder. He isn't a knitter, so he can't possibly understand. But, even if it is weird, they are warm and comfy, and just  a bit slouchy around the ankles. But their first trip through the washer and dryer should fix that. And yes, I do machine wash and dry my hand knit socks. There is no hand washing by this girl. Sometimes, if I remember, I separate them out of the load of wash, and block them into shape and let them dry on their own, but mostly not.
I'm still working on this other pair of socks. For some reason, they seem to be taking forever. I'm on the last stretch, though, almost done the instep decreases. Once these are done, I'll cast on my sweater again, and see if I can't get it done before spring. They way this winter is going, there will be loads of time to get it done. I'm linking up to Judy's On the Needles


  1. Very interesting way the yarn striped on your socks! Love both pairs!

  2. How else are you supposed to get a good picture of socks? I love that pair you are working on now.

  3. I love both these pairs -- the colors are such fun!! And socks were made for feet!!! :)

  4. One of my very first pair of socks was made from the dark striping yarn you are using. They are still my favorites

  5. My feet feel warmer just looking at your socks! I especially love the darker yarn, and the way that it's striping up... Why does the dark colour feel warmer than the light one? I'm thinking that I have to pull out some of my "warm" sock yarns, and get a pair going!


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