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Monday 3 February 2014

Design Wall Monday, Feb. 3, 2014

I put up this month's UFO on the wall today, just to see what I've got, and what needs to be done. I don't have enough of any one colour to do the 2 1/2 inch borders around the 4 patches, unless I do white, and I'd rather keep my whites for other projects. I'm thinking of a couple of light greys, at the moment, but that could change, once I actually see it up there. I like the way it looks now, with the light areas of the wall showing through, so I'll try and keep that as much as possible, without buying more fabric. The other thing I just though that I could do would be to check out the very large tub of leftover muslins that I have buried under the stairs. Hmmmmm, that might be the way to go. Finish a quilt, and empty a tub of fabric, or at least get a start on emptying it.
I think I'll post this, and link up to Judy's Design Wall Monday, and then go check out exactly what is in that tub of fabric.


  1. Nice job on your leader/ender project. I think it sparkles. I just don't know how some people don't love scrappy. Good luck finding a border.

  2. It does sparkle!! Playing in a tub of fabric could be very fun!! :)


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