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Sunday 26 January 2014

Sunday Stash and Stitching

What an incredibly lazy day this has been today. It's cold and it's snowing, and I don't really feel like doing anything, or going anywhere. I've spent a lot of it so far just blog surfing. There really hasn't even been that much stitching done today. I finished sewing down the small heart, and that's it. I've been spending some of the day prepping the next set of pieces for My Tweets block nine. I forced myself to do the beak and the top knots while I was doing the rest of this bird, rather than putting them off until later like I usually do. I'm doing the tails of the birds differently in each of the blocks. At some point before doing block 10, which is safely several weeks away, at least, I am going to have to put them all on the wall and make sure I haven't got too much of any one colour going on in the tails. There's lots of other lovely hand stitching projects being shown over at Kathy's Quilts.
There was more stash out this week, although not a lot, and still none in. Four weeks into the new year, and I haven't bought fabric yet!

Used this week:                                           1.4 yards
Used this year:                                          11.4 yards
Added this week:                                          0 yards
Added this year:                                           0 yards
Balance:                                                    11.4 more yards out than in.
I'm linking up, as usual, to Judy's Stash Report.
And then just because Jo asked, I'm showing a picture of what quilts are  on our bed. I keep the bedroom really cool, helps with the night time hot

flashes, so there are several quilts on the bed. My very scrappy Endless Chain, from a pattern by Emilie Richards and the Double Duty, a pattern by Miss Rosie's quilts. Jo's opened a linky box here for anyone else who wants to show what's on their beds.


  1. Such lovely quilts on your bed :)
    Enjoy your tweet stitching today... even if it's just a heart at a time!

  2. Love the My Tweets in the batiks - stunning!

  3. Found your blog from Jo's...love that scrappy blue quilt!

  4. You're doubly snuggly! What a pretty bed ... how do you decide which one gets to be on display?! :)

  5. Great applique block! I love love the navy endless chain quilt. I would love to sleep under that one!

  6. your bird block is pretty and i can imagine how a whole flock of them might look worked into a quilt. different brightly colored tails will add some great movement.
    i enjoyed seeing your other quilts too, especially the scrappy world without end~! love those stringy scrappy quilts the best.

    thank you for your visit to my blog and for leaving me a comment. i appreciate your encouragement.


  7. No hot flashes here ... just zero tolerance for cold (or even cool), so there are 2 quilts on our bed, too. Do love that scrappy Endless Chain quilt!!


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