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Monday, 6 January 2014

Design Wall Monday Jan. 6, 2014

Here it is, the first Monday of the New Year, and I have a new project up on the wall. This is my celebrate the New Year by starting something new project. These are the first ten blocks of Three of a Kind, a pattern from Judy Martin's book Scraps, and it is indeed using up scraps, lots and lots of 1 1/2 inch strip scraps. Anything that is 22 inches long, or has enough to get a combined amount of that amount, can go into this one. I'm not grouping colour families, or anything like that in these. I'm just looking for contrast, with the darkest fabric at the back of the block to give some depth to the illusion of the quilt, with the colours crossing behind each other. I'm using Kona Ash as the background, and I really like how it it acting as a showcase for the rest of the colours. These are easy blocks to sew together, once I have them laid out on a design board beside my chair, so that I can pick them up and sew them in the correct order. The plan is to continue with this until it is finished, rather than letting it get to an Unfinished Object. I'm working on my UFO of the month, at the same time as this. The UFO that I chose for this month is my Thanksgiving quilt, also a pattern by Judy Martin. I still have leaves to finish for the borders, and I'm using the leaf pieces as leaders and enders for the Three of a Kind blocks. A great way to work on 2 quilts at the same time. I'm linking up to Design Wall Monday where there are lots and lots of fun, inspirational, tempting projects on other design walls to see. I am going to stick to my goal of finishing before starting, but it sure is going to be hard.


  1. These blocks look great. Can't go wrong with a Judy Martin design.

  2. I love geometric quilts. This one's great!

  3. This is really fun - I love the squares in squares! Fun colors, too. I've never done a Judy Martin design...I may have to check her out more thoroughly! :)

  4. A great start! Yes, of course you must be working on at least two quilts at once.

  5. That's a great use for scraps. It's great that you can work on two quilts at the same time and make progress on both. I know the theory, I just forget to put it into practice!


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