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Sunday 17 March 2013

Stash Report, week 11, 2013

Well, now is the time I have to add in the added numbers again. I must confess to being a little nervous about seeing the final total added number.  Can I procrastinate it? Maybe a little bit. I can tell all about my Skype visit with Avery. For the past 5 or 6 weeks, Avery and I have been visiting via Skype. With each visit, I'm able to understand more of what he says. He has a large vocabulary, it's just understanding what he is saying that is sometimes difficult. But also, with each visit, he is becoming more engaged with talking to me through the computer. It has been wonderful, being able to see him and talk to him this way. Winter travel is so difficult in our stretch of the woods, especially up near the lakes where they live, the snow squalls can come in with very little warning. But, I have some vacation booked in May, and I'm hoping we can spend part of it visiting with them. Have I mentioned lately that I love technology and computers?
Yesterday was International Quilters' Day. It would have been a lovely day for sewing, but I didn't sew a stitch. I spent most of the morning on the computer researching for the possible purchase sometime this year of an upgraded trailer. Still nothing huge or fancy, more of an upgrade from our old hard top that requires quite a lot of time and effort for set up and take down. We'd like to upgrade to what is called an expandable, or other places call them hybrids. The beds fold down from the front and back of the trailer, so they don't take up precious floor space within the trailer. So the bed areas look like a soft trailer, but the rest of it is like a regular hard sided trailer. It has 2 big bonuses, for us when we will be travelling. We can access the kitchen area for having our own meals, rather than having to stop at restaurants. And. at our age, an even bigger bonus of a bathroom that travels with us. LOL!!
My long arm room at the other house is coming along really well. The drywall is all up and sanded, and my wonderful husband finished painting it yesterday. It looks wonderful. But of course, I was too distracted to remember to get a picture of it. The electricians are supposed to be coming tomorrow to put in the lights, and then all that is left to do in there is install the laminate floor. Our plans at the moment are to move the weekend of April 6th. I can then begin brand new in a brand new studio for machine quilting. Shall we all give a huge WOOHOO? I know I am. Hmmmmm?? What was that? Stash  report..... confess up time??? Oh right...... see I did manage to procrastinate that.

Used this week:                               2.75 yards
Used this year:                               26.25 yards    
Added this week:                           22.5 yards
Added this year:                            127.25 yards
Balance:                                         101 more yards added than used.
YIKES!! That's worse than I thought! I'm definitely going on a fabric diet. That's it, no more button pushing until I can say at least 50 yards used. I wonder if I can stick to that??
I'm linking up to Judy's Patchwork Times weekly stash reports. I have to work this afternoon, so there will be no sewing for me today, either. And this week, I really have to concentrate on finishing up some customer quilts, so there won't be any sewing this week, either. And sometime, I really do have to do something about starting to pack up for moving on the 6th. After that...... I'm going to reward myself with some quality sewing time, and maybe even some big time stash reduction.


  1. Do you have to count fabric that was 'previously' owned? I get tons of fabrics at thrift stores, and, this weekend, at a quilt show that had a 'flea market table'.

  2. Good idea! New rule: you don't have to count previously owned fabric. That would help me a lot. I can't seem to get away from buying vintage fabric.

    You know the old saying, If you can't serve as a good example, you can always serve as a bad one. This time with you, my thought is you make me happy! I've been going in a downward spiral since the beginning of the year. Thank you...we can be sisters of the fabric.

  3. Sewing day on Saturday will help your stash numbers! If you buy more fabric, we will sign you up for hoarders...

  4. LOL! Don't sweat your stash report, right? You've got other things to occupy your mind ... like finishing up packing and moving!! Whoohoo!!!!! ;)


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