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Thursday 14 March 2013

Good Newsl Thursday

Judy, over at Patchwork Times, is always full of good ideas for things to write about on our blogs. Today she suggested that we write about things that have happened in the past week for which we are thankful and grateful. I have a HUGE list of those things right now.
Our house went on the market on Saturday. We received an offer for the house yesterday, and it was a good one, which we have accepted. The deal closes on April 12th. I am doing such a HUGE happy dance over this. It has been such a long and patience and faith trying process, at times. But the Lord has been so very gracious and good to us. He helped me, during those 4 days of showings and waiting, to keep focused on Him, and to wait patiently for Him to work His will. I have a hymn that I love, "One Day At a Time", and I was singing it to myself pretty much the whole 4 days, except I changed the word "Day" to "step", asking the Lord to keep me focused just one step at a time, to light our path one step at a time, and guide us where He wished us to go. He graciously answered that prayer, and more.
I am thankful that my long arm room is progressing well over at the new place, and should be ready for moving in three weeks from now.
I am thankful that the showings of this house are done, and we can get back to living and working in it, for the time we have left in it.
I am thankful for a loving daughter and son-in-law who are taking us into their home, with the intent of helping us as we grow older and perhaps frailer, although I hope the frailer part is a long time from now.
I am thankful that our finances, after we move, will allow me to retire in September, at which time I can become a lady of leisure. LOL!! A lady of leisure who can spend her days doing quilts.
I am Linking up to Judy's Good News Thursday where there are also other people sharing about the good news in their lives. It seems we see so much bad news on the TV news shows, or in the newspapers or internet news sites. It is so refreshing to read about good things instead.


  1. Great GREAT news! Everything is falling into place! Looking forward to seeing what retirement quilting will bring!

  2. Oh Cathy, this is wonderful news. I know you were stressing a bit over the sale of your house.
    You have such a great adventure in your near future. :)

  3. I love to hear when homes sell so quickly. My first house was on the market for 7 days and sold. A couple of years ago we tired to sell the house we live in now at auction. We had one bid of $30,000 for the A frame house, 10 acres of land, two story garage and several out buildings all less then 2 minutes from a huge public lake.

    We didn't accept the offer and actually decided to stay in the house. We did some updates and are happy to be here.

    I hope everything works out for you and you love your new place to live.


  4. Wow! That's phenomenal to sell it so quickly! Everything is working out beautifully for all your plans. The Lord does work wonders when we trust him.

  5. That is great news... I love it when things fall together swiftly.

  6. I'm so glad that things are working out - especially that you will be able to retire soon!

  7. I'm in tears! - of joy for you!!! I can't cry and do the happy dance at the same time - so, I'll have to wait until tomorrow morning to do that (a warning for you, lest you feel the earth move again!)
    I'm SO thankful for all your good news - and we'll have to celebrate some of it together, soon!

  8. What a marvelous post, Cathy!! I'm so excited for you!! Congratulations over and over again -- I'm so glad that you'll be able to retire , too! That's marvelous, marvelous news!!!! :)


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