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Monday 4 March 2013

Design Wall Monday March 4, 2013

Another Monday, another non-existant design wall. But, we have just received the fabulous news that the city has finally issued the permit we need to go ahead with my long arm room! WOOHOO!!!!
We're getting so close!!
I do have something I can show, though.

Gail brought me a quilt the other day, so I can give a sneak peak.
It's baseball themed, and so much fun. She found a pantograph called Batter Up on the Digitech Designs web site that I then purchased and drew out. I must say that I love that web site. I love being able to refer my customers to it, get an idea of what they are looking for, and then purchase the design. I can then draw the design out to the size that is appropriate, and have an addition to my pantograph library that I might not otherwise have picked.
I'm linking up to Judy's Patchwork Times, and then I'm off to do a couple more passes on this quilt before going in to work this afternoon.


  1. Yay on your long arm room. That is exciting.

  2. You need a permit to have a quilting room!?!?
    That looks like a fun quilt!

  3. Are you building a new room? I am hoping to move my longarm from the basement to the living room soon. We have never used it as we live in the family room instead. Lots of stuff to move.

  4. I'm SO happy to hear that the elusive permit has finally been granted! In case you felt that earth move...that was me doing a happy dance for you! Hoping that all of the rest of the renovation work stays on track, and that the packing/sorting/purging is going well.

  5. YES! Love the baseball quilting on this -- too darling!!! I'm going to have to remember this! :)

  6. Finally!!! The permit for the sewing room. Sweet! I really need to keep that quilt design website in mind. I have a ridiculous number of tops I would like to get quilted on my short stay in Alaska this summer...I think I need to try some pantogram designs.

  7. woo-hoo for getting the permit!

  8. Yea for the permit! Hopefully it is on the fast (but finished correctly) track.


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