Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Sneak Peak...

Every now and then I get a quilt in that is just so much fun that it makes me smile the whole time I'm quilting it. The one I am doing now is one of them. It's a Great Granny Square that belongs to Gail. The fabrics she used in this quilt are just so much fun!
I love the bikes in this fabric.
The flowers here make me think that maybe there is hope for spring and summer coming. It is snowing outside as I type this.
The chili peppers here are just a blast!
I'm having fun quilting this one, and it is about halfway done. I had to sit to rest my legs for a few minutes, and thought I would share this.


I love reading all your comments, and am grateful for each one. I try very hard to answer them all, but lately I haven’t quite been able to answer all of them.