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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Today, I quilt.......

I was going to work on the quilt on the machine Monday. But we had errands to run, and then we got side tracked into looking at kitchen designs in the local Home Depot. And then we got even further side tracked by driving across the city to a fireplace design place, because Scott has a fireplace on his list of "must haves" for the new apartment.  So, before we can budget for anything else, we needed to know what this "must have" was going to cost. Well, lets just say that his "must have fireplace' has been downgraded to a wood stove. I couldn't believe what the cost would be to install a fireplace from scratch. I like the idea of wood burning heat. That way if we have a bad winter, and the power goes out, we'll still have heat. The other bonus will be that we won't be at Matt and Becca all the time to turn up the heat, if it gets chilly in the basement. And, even though it is only a semi-basement, I fully expect that it will be chillier down there than in the rest of the house. So, there was no quilting done on Monday.
Yesterday was spent on the road trip, that I really hadn't expected to make, and it was almost 8 pm before we got home. So, no quilting was done yesterday, either.

So, today it is. This is where I'm at right now. There is one row of pieced blocks left, a row of setting triangles and the bottom border to finish quilting. Then I can take it off, get the binding made and put on and I can declare this UFO finished. If there is any time left in the day, I'll also do up a pair of pillow cases for it. I'll do a progress note later tonight, or tomorrow. See ya.....

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