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Thursday 9 August 2012

A sew in afternoon

Jannette came over on Tuesday afternoon, and we had another sew-in afternoon. It was such a lovely time. We're going to try and make it a regular occurrence. It gave me an opportunity to start sewing the pieces together for Avery's truck quilt.

 It's been a lot of fun working on this one. The piecing is simple, and fast, and the colours are bright and happy. It won't be ready to take up with us on Sunday, though, when we go up to see them for a week. Too bad. But, I'm going back up on September 4th to look after Avery for the first week that Laurie is back teaching, so maybe it will be ready by then. It would be fun to put it down on the floor and see what draws his attention.

And then, I have finally caved in and started making some of the Great Granny squares that have been seen floating around blogland for the past month, or so. I simply couldn't resist. I'm using some of the fabrics that I bought at that fabric party I went to, plus some that work with them quite well from my stash. They are easy to do, and a lot of fun to do as well, and so far I am loving them, even if they are made from colours and fabric patterns that I ordinarily wouldn't put together. Sometimes it is fun to step out of the same old box, and into new and different. I can't say that it would ever have occurred to me to put together the colours of red and orange and pink and blue, but it works, and I love it!!
These are the first 3. I have enough squares cut out for at least 3 more. I plan on playing with both these quilts today, along with finishing up a customer quilt, as well. It is cool enough today to have the windows open, and we are finally getting some much needed rain. So, I'm going to open the windows, enjoy the breezes, and sew. Maybe I'll do another post tonight, and show what I've gotten accomplished.

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