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Saturday 11 August 2012

Motoring along

I'm making good progress on that Spring Swap quilt that is currently on the machine. It's almost halfway done. Woohoo!! And I found the block from Australia.
It came all the way from Queensland Australia. I love the way she fussy cut the flowers in the center of this block. It is so very pretty. It is rather weird, sometimes to think about Australia. It is tomorrow there, when it is today here. It's already Sunday, there. And, it is winter for them in August. Somehow, cold weather and the word August simply don't go together, unless, of course, you live in Australia. Even the sound of that sounds exotic, somehow. LOL!!
Anyway, I'm rambling, here, when I really should be working more on that quilt, and also I should be starting to get ready to leave tomorrow for a 6 day visit with Noel and Laurie and Avery. There is some laundry that is awaiting my attention.

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