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Friday 31 August 2012

I've joined the "Newfo" party

I've been working really hard this week on getting quilts done. After all the opinions about the borders on Avery's truck quilt, I decided to simplify what I was doing. I kept the same idea with the bricks, but only one row of them, and I put a narrow border on either side, to isolate them, and unify them. I like it. Thanks you, everyone who left an opinion.
I'm now in the process of making a backing for it. It's taking longer than I thought it would because I'm using up the leftover layer cake squares, some odds and ends of kiddie fabrics and some fat quarters. I'll get a picture of it when I'm done.

Then, I've gotten a few more of the Great Granny Squares done. There are 11 of them now all sewn together, and I have 2 more all laid out and almost ready to sew up. I think I'm aiming for 20.
Both of these projects were started in August, so they both classify as "Newfo's", which are defined as new projects begun during the month, and not necessarily finished, so the have the potential of becoming new UFO's........ hence "Newfo". Barb, who blogs at Cat Patches started this trend back in January, but this is the first month I've participated. She has a linky party going for everyone who started a Newfo in August, which I'm going to link this post to.


  1. Your NewFOs are so much bigger than mine ... and so much closer to being done, too! LOL! :)

  2. Love how the little boy quilt turned out. The way you did the borders is even better. Cute granny squares, too.

  3. Wow - you've gotten a lot done this month!!! Congrats on the finish (and almost finish too!)! I'm thinking of doing a Granny Square but have been putting it off. Maybe soon :*)

  4. The Bricks look good on the boy's quilt. I love your grannies squares

  5. I love the border that you decided to go with for Avery's quilt! It looks great! I like the orange(red?) corners. It's not too busy. :)
    He will be so excited! Noel found him a Matchbox bus at Walmart, and a tow truck and a car for it to tow. He gave him the bus this morning and he's been carrying it around ever since! So cute!

  6. LOVE how you finished Avery's quilt! It's perfect! The granny's are coming along nicely too! I have a jelly roll that I might use for a granny square quilt... everyone seems to be doing them, so I might as well jump on the bandwagon.
    I like the "Newfo"s - there are so many new quilt terms - my new favourite is PhD - Projects Half Done.

  7. Wonderful colors and fabrics. Thanks for linking up.


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