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Monday 6 August 2012

Design Wall Monday, August 6, 2012

I had a really busy week, and there were all kinds of plans to do blog posts about it as I went. But we all know the saying about the best laid plans......... I got lots done, just no blogging. I started a new quilt for Avery last week. He loves his trucks, plays with them all the time, even at the beach.

I've had a couple of layer cakes of fabrics sitting here for a while, waiting for an idea for how to use them. When I saw this Musical Pinwheels Quilt, designed by Jamie, I knew that was it. So, I asked if I could use the design, and she gave her consent.
 It's all from stash, using up lots of fabric. I didn't get a stash report done yesterday, so I'll do a double one this week. Anyway, there are a couple of fabric lines in this one, but I can't remember the names of them. I showed Avery some of the fabrics the last time we Skyped, and he was pointing at them and seemed to really like the colours and the subject matter.

After the complexity of the Grandmother's Diamond Ring quilt, it was fun to do the very basic elements in this quilt. And fast, too. I worked on this while taking sit down and rest my legs breaks while working on a customer quilt last week. I had thought that I just might be able to get it done before we go up to see them on this coming Sunday, but that was overestimating the time I would have to do it, just a bit. I have no idea, at this point, what size it will finish out to be. There is all kinds of fabric left from the 2 layer cakes that are coordinating colours, but without the trucks. I might end up using them in some sort of borders. I'm just not sure what, at this point. I have some customer quilts scheduled in for the next while, so my sewing time will be limited to when I need to sit and rest my legs, which is actually when this one was done last week, as well.
I'm linking up to Judy's Patchwork Times and her design wall monday post. Lots and lots of fun stuff to see. If it weren't for those design wall monday linky's, I wouldn't have seen this design. I love blogland.


  1. LOVE it! Avery will love it too! It's so nice and colourful! They public health nurse likes it when Avery plays on your quilts because she says the colours and prints are stimulating for him. (I hope you don't mind that we put them on the floor).
    Also, I was showing Avery the photo Album I have, and when I say "Where's Grammy?" he points at you! (Then he points at Becca - I think he likes her too. :) )

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  3. What a great design for featuring the focus prints! A perfect little boys quilt!

  4. OH! Avery will LOVE this!! He's gotten so big -- I can hardly believe it. And such a cutie-pie! Glad you had a productive week. I didn't and I still wasn't around! LOL! Hugs! :)


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