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Sunday 25 March 2012

Stash report Week 13, 2012

This is the stash report that isn't. I goofed up my dates on my bus tickets. I was supposed to be going home today from visiting with Noel and Laurie and Avery, but instead, it's tomorrow's date on my tickets. Oops. And my book with my fabric usage info is at home, and I'm here. And, since I won't be getting home until after 9 pm tomorrow, I don't think there will be a design wall post, either. Oops. But, it does give me another full day to visit, so that is a good thing, even if it wasn't planned that way....... honest..... it wasn't.
Yesterday, we bundled Avery into the car, and took a drive out to the now very familiar campground near to where they live. It's a 10 minute drive, at the most, away from their house. We bundled him up into his stroller and went for a lovely walk. It was looking so pretty. The leaves are just starting to come out on the trees, and we got to see the campsite we've booked for the weekend of Avery's first birthday.
It's right by the water, with a hydro hook up. Avery's birthday is May 17th, and it isn't always reliably warm yet by that date, so the hydro site was necessary, in case we need to run a heater. And the site is in the radio free area of the park, which is a very good thing, because it also happens to be the long May weekend, when the park tends to be filled with very young, very loud people. We experienced a couple of those last year, and it wasn't a whole lot of fun. I think maybe this summer we will try for trips during the week, rather than on weekends, and then I'll plan on doing my shifts at the hospital on the week ends. So, that is my very un-stashy stash report. (giggle) And, even though this really isn't a true "Stash Report", I'm still linking with Judy's Patchwork Times Stash Report.


  1. LOL...Well...priorities come first! And grandsons/babies always come first!! Looks like a lovely place for a birthday celebration~ ♥♥♥

  2. That looks like a great location for a birthday! I know it's in Ontario but where? Looks like a place I'd like to camp at.

  3. We were glad that you could come and spend all that time with us!

  4. He just is precious. I can't believe it's almost been a year already!! He's grown so much. It must amaze you each time you see him!!! HUGS!!! :)


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