Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Gail's Hexagons

I finished this quilt up a week or so ago for Gail, who is a new customer to me. Yay for new customers!!! I had asked for her permission to post pictures of it here, which she granted, with the condition that I wait until she posted about it on her own blog, The Cosy Quilter. She wrote about it yesterday. So I can now show it.

It is a hexagon quilt, using Bali Pops, inspired by the hexagon quilt alongs from the last year or so. There are many things I really like about quilting for other people. One of them is seeing all the different fabrics, and the colour combinations. Another is the challenge of trying new things, which can be rather anxiety provoking as well. We had decided on an all over pantograph for the center of her quilt, and feathers in the border.
With the navy border being a tone on tone, the feathers showed up wonderfully.

The challenge was fitting the pantograph into the irregular edges of the hexagon center. But with the aid of the vinyl cover that goes over the pantographs on my table of the long arm, and some washable crayola markers, I was able to draw the edges of the quilt right over the pantograph, so I knew where to stitch, and where not to. Doing this, I was also able to alter the pantograph a little so that it would flow from one area to another, without stitching into the border.

 Here's the corner turn with the feathers.
And here's the back, which shows the all over pantograph. It is called "Whimsey" by Norma Sharp. Thanks, Gail, for trusting me with your quilt.


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