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Wednesday 7 March 2012

I was given an award for my blog......

  I received a lovely surprise a couple of days ago, in my comments section of the post I did about Make Your Point being finished. It was from Selina's quilts, who signs herself as "tink's mom". Because of all the shifts I was working, today was the first day I had the time to do something about it. She has bestowed the Leibester Blog Award on me.  This honor goes to a blogger who has less than 200 followers who you want to recognize. Wow, this is so cool!! There are some guidelines that go with the award, along with the privilege of spreading the award around to others.

The Rules are:

1) Post about your win on your Blog ( check )

2) Link back to the blogger you presented your with the award ( check )

3) Copy and Paste the award to your blog. ( I think this is it so, check)

4) Present the Liebster Award to 5 blogs that have less than 200 followers that you think deserve to be recognized. ( they will follow the rules )

5) Let them know by leaving  a comment on their blog.  ( will do as soon as I post ) 

So, thank you, for the compliment and the award. And I will spread the love, because I do love blogging, and the people I have met through it. Now, a couple of the following blogs don't actually show the number of followers they have, so I hope this isn't breaking the rules, but I'll risk it.

1: Denise at Count it All Joy. She is a good friend who lives in their RV in Alabama that I "met" through this blog of mine. She does some lovely quilts, does fun posts about her family, and is a joy to know.

2: Debbie at And sew 4th. She lives in Alaska, and has a love affair going with her dogs, batik fabrics, which she turns into amazing quilts, and Christmas stocking kits. And, I'm afraid she has managed to get me hooked onto the stocking kits, as well.

3: Cathy at Cathy Tomm Quilts She makes some amazing quilts, and does some amazing stuff with her long arm machine. Not only that, but she's a fellow Canadian.

4: Victoria at Fiberobsessive. All I can say is that I want to be her when my long arming skills grow up. She does absolutely stunning work.

5: Vivian at Sew at Home on Pine Ridge. She does beautiful quilts, and this Double Wedding Ring quilt 
that she designed and made is well worth taking a look at, and quite a few oooohhhs and aaahhhhhs.

So, thanks again to the owner of Selina Quilts, for this award. And now, I'm off to let these five people know that the bloggy love has been passed on to them, and they can pay it forward to five others, if they choose.

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  1. Well, YAY!! What a nice thing for you to be recognized ... and how sweet of you to recognize me, too!! Hugs!!! :)


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