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Sunday 18 March 2012

Customer quilt.

 This has been a busy quilting week, with not a lot of sewing done. I have pictures of all the quilts that are done, but I haven't clearance yet from their owners to show them. But, I can show this one of Christine's. Her Broken Pinwheels, done in 1930's prints. It is sooooo pretty, and makes me want to do something with the 1930's collection of prints I have hanging out in one of my drawers upstairs in my sewing room. Christine very kindly allowed me to indulge my current obsession with feathers, so I did an overall feather meander.
Here's a close up of the front of the quilt. I love the whimsical nature of 30's prints.
And here's the backing, a lovely soft flannel, that really shows off the feathers.

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  1. Gorgeous quilt and fabulous quilting - I bet she was thrilled!


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