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Sunday 8 January 2012

Stash Report Week 2

I received my first package of fabric in the mail yesterday. Lovely, lovely stuff, that I'm looking forward to using. I make no vows of not purchasing fabric, because I know there is no way I will keep that kind of vow. I love buying fabric, and using it to make wonderful quilts, so there will be no guilt felt here. I do this report to keep track of my fabric coming in and going out, just to know how much I use, rather than as a control on what I buy.
I had a fairly good sewing week, considering I've worked 3-11 for 4 days, including today, this week. I've been working on Orca Bay and on my UFO #5 on alternate days.
So, on to the numbers:

Fabric out this week:                   2.8 yards
Fabric out this year:                     2.8 yards
Fabric in this week:                 27 yards
Fabric in this Year:                  27 yards
Balance:                                 24.2 yards more in than out.

I'm linking up to Stash report Sunday at Patchwork Times. Than, I'm going to finish my coffe while I browse through some other reports. Then, I'm going to work some more on Orca Bay until I have to go to work this afternoon. I'd like to get a substantial amount done on it to post for tomorrow's linkys.


  1. Sounds like you have a pratical approach to your stash management. Good luck finding time to quilt this next week.

  2. I don't know, I kind of like numbers like that ... it means we're doing our part for the economy, right?!? LOL! I know you'll have big numbers in the "Fabric Out" row soon enough!! :)

  3. I seem to add fabric to my stash very regularly - probably more often than I should.


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