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Thursday 5 January 2012

Blog Hopping is dangerous........

As I said, blog hopping is extremely dangerous. You want to do it carefully, and judiciously, and definitely at your own risk. Why, you may ask???? Well, because it may do terrible things to well laid plans. My plan for January was to work on getting Orca Bay, designed by Bonnie Hunter, to a finished flimsey stage. It might be 30 percent finished at this point. Then, there is Endless Chain my UFO #5 that I would like to get finished. But, while reading the blogs that I follow, I saw in this post  that Vicki was talking about a new project that a friend of hers was starting, so being the curious type, I went and checked it out. Oh oh, big mistake!!  It's another quilt along, sponsored by Bunny Hill Designs for scrappy Dresden Plates. I LOVE Dresden Plates. It was the first quilt I ever made, over 27 years ago, and have long wanted to do another. Just look at this picture  of one of the plates that the lovely person at Bunny Hill made that she had posted on the Bunny Hill blog. It is wonderful. All I need is 20 to 30 different pieces of scraps that measure 4 inches by 12 inches, which is no problem with that mess treasure trove upstairs. Finding that many fabrics that go together, so much fun, and makes such a huge mess on my oh so nicely cleaned work area. (sigh) So the question is, will I or won't I? And we all know how well I resist a good quilt along...............


  1. You are so cute! I love Dresden Plates, too. I've been fascinated since the one my grandma made, ages ago. I think my aunt has it now. And even though they scare me, they're on my quilting bucket list!! :)

  2. I'm in too! The first email I read this morning was Anne Suttons...my first thought was to resist but then I looked at the layout and instructions...it looks so easy! Craziness! Another project.

  3. I made a resolution to not start anything else until I have finished a few of my UFO's.....
    The best part of that resolution was that I bought one of Darlene Zimmermann's DP rulers in early Dec. and I already have a bunch of the blades cut and sewn (and some of them are even turned and pressed!) so it IS a UFO! (You're still an enabler though!)

  4. Oh great! Now you're pulling me into it too! LOL I've never tried a dresden plate but have always wanted to...

    hmmm... decisions, decisions...

    I still have Orca Bay to finish piecing, and a couple others, then I'll have 6 quilts that will need to be quilted...

    ... another UFO is going to be started.. I can see it now... :)

  5. Dang it, Dang it! I'm in too. I was strong for 5 days.

  6. I so want to make one too - a Dresden Plate quilt has been on my list for such long time. I may just have to watch for a while and maybe I can jump in a little later...

  7. That last photo is really neat (the one that looks like a flower made out of ties) It would be fun to do a quilt like that!
    Don't forget with all your quilts that sometime around June there will be a baby clothes/crazy hearts quilt to make! :)


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