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Saturday 7 January 2012

My first package of the year.....

I picked up a box of fabric that I ordered from Thousands of Bolts from the post office today. It's been a couple of weeks since I ordered it, from their end of the year sale, and I've forgotten most of what I've ordered, except that I know that I ordered blacks. I find it totally amazing just how much fabric they can pack into one of these boxes. When I was doing the ordering, and into the checkout section, a message came up and told me that I could fit 6 more yards of fabric into the box they would be using, so of course I took them up on it. I went back and added 6 yards of cream solid fabric so I would have it here for when a particular UFO comes up that needs it. Then, there were wonderful fat quarters, mostly in fall colours. Now I remember what I ordered them for, too. I have a fall colour themed quilt on my want-to-do list that I'd forgotten about. And then there was some yardage. There are 
3 different striped fabrics there, where the strip is printed on the bias. They make wonderful bindings. And lastly, some yardage of pretty, feminine colours. I haven't added the totals up, yet. That's for tomorrow to do. Now, I get to go fondle and pet them, (sounds rather perverted, doesn't it?), and put them away.


  1. Haha!! I like to pet and handle my fabrics, too!! Okay, so we're knowing what your stash report is going to look like tomorrow, huh?!? Haha!! Just out of curiosity, do you include fabric that was *given* to you as intake?! LOL! Yes, I'm already going there. Haha!! :)

  2. Fabulous Fabrics!!! Thousands Of Bolts is one of my favorite places to shop. Their customer service is super!!! I too fill the box when I order. It is amazing how much awesomeness can come in the box. :) Have you used their color match feature yet? It's pretty great.

  3. How exciting....I love getting new fabric!


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