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Wednesday 18 January 2023

Quilty Workings

 I finished off the quilt as you go piece. It has its binding on and has gone off to other hands which enjoy the hand stitching binding down process. It will then get added to the inventory of Prayers and Squares quilts for giving away to needy people. 

Since that is finished I’ve given myself permission to start a couple of new projects. They are the same pattern just done in different colours. I love Barbara Brackman’s Civil War blog and the block of the month designs she does, especially since she always has a history lesson along with them. I am starting a floral version and an earthy version of this years BOM. I am trying to work entirely from stash fabric I have on hand and see if I can’t get some of these bins and boxes tamed down a little. So with the floral version, I’m doing the alternate blocks with the darks as the squares and the lights as the rectangles. This gives that large scale floral a place to shine.The alternate blocks will all be the same. I’ve reversed the placement of the lights and darks for the earthy version. I haven’t done any sewing on this one yet. I got the alternate blocks cut yesterday.

 I’ll take it with me tomorrow to the prayers and squares meeting. I suggested that perhaps we might want to each do a version of these and work on them together. 

The other big project I’m working on is getting the pieced blocks done and sewn in place for My Noah’s Journey quilt. The animal blocks are all coloured with Prisma coloured pencils and then embroidered. It’s a pattern from Crabapple Hill that I’ve been working on for 3 years now, I think.

 I’m trying to keep the colours in the pieced blocks rather muted so that the star of the quilt is the embroidery. I have 4 more blocks to finish the embroidery on, 2 of which still need to be coloured, and then it will be full steam ahead on getting this one put together. I think it is going to be hand quilted, something I haven’t done in many years.

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