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Monday 15 February 2016

Design Wall Monday

I’ve decided to set Northern Tree Line aside for a bit. I’m running low on my selection of light blues and greys that I’m using, so I need to do a road trip for some more fabric. It’s a long weekend here, so everything is closed. Plus, there’s a freezing drizzle advisory out there, so I’d much rather stay in. The fabric shopping trip might happen tomorrow, or it might wait until Friday. It’s not as if I don’t have anything else to work on. Last year, Jannette and I did a swap of large scale floral Disappearing Four Patches. We started off with the middle cut section the blocks finishing to 3/4 inch. Somewhere along the line I messed up the cutting and they started measuring 1 inch finished instead. And then, I messed up even further and made four blocks that finished 1 1/4 inches. All of that messing up caused a problem with putting all the blocks together. So I played around in EQ7 to see if I could come up with a setting design that would keep all the various sizes sorted out in their own sections. This is what I have so far, I’m quite liking how this is looking. There will be another narrow grey border put on this, and then another round of floral blocks added. I had 33 of the 3/4 inch blocks, so they are in the middle and on the two ends, The sides are the 1 inch blocks. I haven’t counted how many of those I have. I might need to make one or two more. When I get the next row of floral blocks put together, the 1 1/4 inch blocks will be separated out on the outer corners by the narrow grey border. Another day or two should finish this.
I’m linking up with Judy’s Design Wall Monday. Then i think it just might be time to make something for supper.


  1. Mistakes are just opportunities for creativity

  2. Disappearing Four Patch is one of my favorite blocks. Great job in figuring out how to use your blocks! It's going to be a great quilt.

  3. I agree that mistakes are a way to allow us to use our creativity. You have come up with a really nice design.

  4. It's looking REALLY good!
    What colour did you use for your grey? I looked for some yesterday, but didn't see anything dark enough...


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