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Wednesday 4 March 2015

WIP Wednesday

I haven't done a Work in Progress Wednesday post for a while now, mostly because my projects were stalled. But I've finally managed some sewing time upstairs, because the temperature warmed up enough for my feet to stay warm. I'm back to working on Texas Chain. I'm almost to the point where I can start laying out the rest of the rows. Another day of sewing up there should get me to the new rows...... maybe tomorrow...

And I'm continuing to make up blocks for my Sister's Choice Variation project. I need 32 of these blocks. I have 11 done, so I'm 30% of the way there. The colours in real life are a bit brighter.
                                                                               I''m going to link this up to the Canadian Needle and Thread Network and also to WIP Wednesday. And then, I think I'll make up a few more Sister's Choice blocks and also do a little more on La Passacaglia.


  1. Your quilts are so pretty. I especially like the Sister's Choice.

  2. The Texas Chain is so neat. What a lot of planning must go into that pattern. You must have a good system to keep pieces in the right place.

  3. Sew, sew beautiful! Love, love, love (them both). I'm so glad I got to see them!

  4. Both are coming along beautifully, but I really like the colors in your Sisters Choice blocks.


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