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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Helen's Mystery Medallion

 This is Helen's quilt that she made while taking part in a guild sponsored mystery from three or four years ago. It's made almost entirely from batiks. I'm not sure why, but in my mind batiks and feathers were made for each other. The colour choices that Helen made in this quilt are stunning!! I love it!

I've played around with the lighting and contrast on these two pictures to give an idea of what the quilting looks like. It is an over all large feather meander. I am soooo.... looking forward to the nice weather. Pictures of quilts taken outside show the quilting so much better. Must...... be...... patient........


  1. Gorgeous! Lovely fabrics and piecing, and I can see your quilting, too! Wonderful finish.

  2. Love that quilt and the quilting! Very nice. I loved this project and it's so cool to see it in the different colour pallettes that everyone uses!


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