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Wednesday 25 March 2015

Carol's Tulip Baskets

This is a quilt that Carol brought me. It's a gift for her parent's 50th wedding anniversary, I believe she said that it started with the baskets, but when her Mom looked at it, her Mom decided that it needed something more. Their heritage is Dutch, so tulips were the obvious choice. They wanted a basic quilting design that would compliment the tulips and the baskets. So, I did a simple staple, with a few tulips thrown into the stippling here and there, just to add a bit of interest and variation. The tulips were outlined, as were the baskets.
I had to play around with the contrast and exposure settings on these photos in order to have the quilting show. There is a tulip and leaves quilted into the white part of the basket, and some free hand curvy cross hatching in the body of the basket. Carol blogged about this quilt here. It looks gorgeous on the bed, and she has some better pictures that what I could get.

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