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Wednesday 31 December 2014

Year End Review

One of the many bonuses of blogging, or any type of diary for that matter, is the ability to look back and assess the past year. I like doing that personally, and also reading up on how other bloggers did with their goals for the year. I had stated at the beginning of the year, that my focus was going to be on using up my overflowing scraps. That didn't happen. Somewhere along the line the focus shifted, thanks to the encouragement of my friend Gail, from using up the scraps to finishing up UFOs. So, the scraps didn't get used as much as I'd hoped, but I did finish up quite a few UFOs. Two of them got to finished top stage, and eight of them to completely finished stage. I also did three new projects this year, that have now been added to the top's to be quilted pile. I'm very happy with the amount I got accomplished this past year. I'll do a photo line up.

First off are the tops that I started and finished this year:
   This is my latest finish of a flimsy, a Triple Four Patch, done for the Scrap Happy 2014 colour challenge.

    This is my 2014 New Years day gift to myself. I started this quilt, Three of a Kind by Judy Martin on January 1st, 2014. 

 This is my version of a Blooming Nine Patch. I started this because I'd seen another on the internet, and fell in love. I'd always wanted to do one.

 Both of these next quilts were leader and ender projects that were finished up to the flimsy stage this year.

 And finally, finished Quilts are listed next.
Camp Out, named because of the camping themed fabrics in both the top and the backing, was made from a collection of Nine Patches, received from a guild sponsored swap. There are still more Nine Patches waiting to become something.

This is a quilt named Summer Rental, a design from Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. For some unknown reason, I don't have a picture of the full quilt.

Meteor Shower, another design by Judy Martin, started in 2013 and finished this year. I love her patterns. I just might start 2015 by starting another of her quilts.
 In Full Bloom, a design by McKenna Ryan, The was started in my pre-blogging days, so before 2010, but was finally finished this year.
Cactus Rose, a design by Judy Niemeyer, started in 2010, finished in 2014.

Grandmother's Choice, a block of the week, designed by Barbara Blackman from during 2012-2013. This is my last finish of the year, completed on Dec. 30. It's going to a new home as a Christmas gift.

Thanksgiving Leaves, another design by Judy Martin.

Lazy Sunday , a mystery designed by Bonnie Hunter, and published over 4 issues of Quiltmaker magazine.

And finally, there are two smaller projects. This first is the result of a round robin done among four of us from the guild. I did the centre sewing machine and spools border. It was a block in one of the 100 blocks magazines that are put out by Quiltmaker.
 And this little trailer is parked in the location that my imagination decided was the perfect place for a Road Runs Through It, a guild challenge.

And that's it...... my year in pictures. In addition to all these projects of mine, were all of the quilts I was privileged to work on for my wonderful customers. I've documented some of them on this blog over the past year. I have five more left to document, and then this year is done. My excuse for not having them done yet is that some were intended as Christmas gifts, and I didn't want to give the surprises away. The fact that the likelihood that their recipients would see them on my blog is slim, is totally beside the point. Tomorrow, I'll do up a post of what I would like to see happen, God willing, in the coming year.


  1. Cathy, you were busy, busy, busy, weren't you?! You've done some incredibly beautiful work this past year -- you're so inspiring to me!!!! Again, a blessing-filled and Happy New Year to you and your family, my dear friend!!!

  2. Quite a list of accomplishments from 2014! It was a good year of UFO finishes!

  3. You got lots done in 2014. Happy New Year!

  4. I love seeing your "Year in Review" - I remember some of the projects well, others are straining my memory..... I appreciated the opportunity to see these great quilts again!
    I've got Judy Martin's Stellar Quilts" - if you'd like to borrow it, just let me know.


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