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Monday 22 December 2014

Design Wall Monday, Dec. 22, 2014

There is nothing on my wall today. I've taken down the plus sign section that I'd laid out on the wall, and I'm working on sewing that section together. I've got 14 rows webbed together, with 5 more to go. Then I can start sewing the seams in the other direction. When I get that done, I've told myself the fabric used in that part of the quilt can be totalled for the amount out of the stash. When I get another section of plus signs sewn together, I'll do the same thing. In the meantime, since every good blog post has a picture, these are another reason why there's nothing on my design wall.
Almost three dozen mincemeat tarts. Of course, the amount of mincemeat I had did not equal the number of tart shells I made, so I pulled out and opened a jar of rhubarb pie filling I made last spring. And now, I have rhubarb pie filling without enough tart shells. So, I'm considering making up another batch of pie dough, and hope that it equals out at the end of it. Once I'm done that, I think I'll sew some more. Even though there's nothing to see on my wall, I'll still link up to Judy's Design wall Monday


  1. I've never eaten mincemeat, nor rhubarb. I assume they are very good...?


  2. Those tarts look delicious! You can always freeze pie-dough; my mum always kept some in the freezer for putting a top on leftover roast dinners - became a pot-pie. Lasts six months.
    Merriest of Christmas' to you!

  3. These looks so good!! I love mincemeat -- though I haven't had any in ages! Merry Christmas! :)


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