Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Thursday 18 December 2014

Maureen's Broken Dishes

I think Maureen said that the design for this quilt come from an Edyta Sitar collection.
Correction- Maureen let me know that it is an adaptation of a Kim Diehl pattern, not Edyta Sitar.
I really like the way that this quilt is laid out, with the three rows of broken dishes blocks, separated from each other by a row of rectangles. This would be a brilliant scrap buster quilt. I asked Maureen if her pile of scraps is any smaller...... the answer was nope.
It was quilted with a free hand over all swirl. All those curves are a perfect compliment to all the angles in the piecing.


  1. Such a pretty quilt. Love all the different colors.

  2. Thank you Cathy for the wonderful quilting. It really does compliment the piecing. This pattern was an adaptation of a Kim Diehl pattern, not from Edyta Sitar.

  3. I honestly had to look to figure out what three rows! lol What an absolutely gorgeous piece of work! HEIRLOOM!


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