Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Wednesday 26 November 2014

What I'm Working on.......

The Blooming Nine Patch is finally done to the point where I was able to get it off the wall. Now, I've put up the Rainbow triple Four Patches. I've been playing with the layout this afternoon, and I think I've decided I like this one best. I still have one more red square to make, and the eight orange squares before I can start putting this one together. I'm hoping to at least get the last red one done tonight.
I had a bit of a funny happen today. Our guild is doing a Canadian themed Row of the Month quilt, and I'm writing up the instructions. Once I get them written up, I send them off to the other members of the program committee for testing to make sure there are no mistakes in them. This months' row is fairly simple in construction, but it requires some attention payed to the placement of colours and direction of different pieces. All through writing the instructions, I emphasized the care needed in the placement and directions of the fabrics. I even took pictures as I made my own block as an example. Imagine my embarrassment when one of the testers emailed me to let me know that the patches in my example square were going in the wrong direction from the layout picture. Oops...... It's all fixed now, and the revised version is now in their hands, or at least their email inboxes. My task this evening..... rip out the 2 1/2 blocks that I've already done, and get the fabrics going in the right places. And maybe, just maybe, I'll get the last red square done, and the oranges cut to finish this quilt.
Before I do that, I'm going to link up to The Needle and Thread Network.


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