Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Friday 28 November 2014

Sew In day 1

Just a quick post to show what was accomplished today.
All of my triple four patches are sew together into the top. Tomorrow, I will finish off the borders.

The Blooming Nine Patch is now a finished top. And it also has a finished backing.  There's a close up here, of some of the really cute animal faces poking out behind the balls of yarn, and the blue berry bushes. I'll get better pictures out in the daylight, some other time. It was a fun day, with lots  accomplished. And I'm hoping to get lots done tomorrow, too.


  1. Cathy, YAY!! Your blooming nine patch is just downright gorgeous!!! You're just a sewing your heart out!! Enjoy!!! :)

  2. Your BNP looks great! Love the little creatures peeking out!


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