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Thursday 27 November 2014

On my Needles......

I haven't done a knitting post for a while, although I have been doing a lot of knitting. It just seems that every time I thought of taking a picture of my sweater, it was at a stage where I couldn't take a picture. This is my Carabe sweater. It is so very close to being done. I've enjoyed doing this one, and I've learned a couple of new techniques while doing it, too. A new method of button holes, and a new method for casting off stitches. I liked both new methods. I'm also liking the way this one is fitting. It's a little looser than the last few sweaters I've done, which will make it a bit more versatile. However, I won't be doing any knitting on it over the next couple of days, though. The guild is hosting a sew-in mini retreat. We'll meet at 9 am until 9 pm both Friday and Saturday, and sew until we drop. At which point we can go home to our own beds to sleep. I have plans...... big plans, for what I want to get done. Whether I get there right at 9 am........ not likely. It'll probably be closer to 10. I've made myself a list of what I want to take. Now, all I have to do is round it all up and get it ready to go into the car in the morning. Depending on how I feel when I get home tomorrow night, I might post a progress report. In the meantime, I'm linking up to Judy's On the Needles.


  1. This will be a pretty finish -- I love the neckline/opening! And it looks like it'll finish out with 3/4 sleeves? Very nice!! :)

  2. Your Carabe looks great! Your much further along than me.

  3. Nice work on the sweater! Knitting sure is easier to transport that sewing stuff, isn't it?

  4. Your sweater looks real nice.


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