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Tuesday 10 April 2012

New project Planning

I know, I know, the last thing I need is another new project. But, I ordered some fabric a couple of weeks ago, with just this project in mind. I've always loved the Lady of the Lake block with its very graphic light and dark sides. So I spent some time tonight, a lot of time tonight, downloading the fabric images from Moda Fabrics, where they have a section on their website to download their fabrics. This one  is Collection for a Cause Friendship by Howard Marcus. After playing in EQ7 for a while, I have a couple of possibilities.


I figured out the cutting, too, from  fat quarters, which is what I have coming, and I can get the makings for the light sides and the darks sides for 3 blocks from each fat quarter. This will leave a 6 inch finished triangle left over, as well as quite a few 2 1/2 inch strips for more triangles for a triangle border as in the one on the right, or for a piano key border, as the one on the left. It might be interesting to combine the left over 6 inch triangles in a border somehow, as well

The one above here on the right is a bit too much, and rather over powers the rest of the quilt, but I like the one on the left. The look of the actual large triangles would be a lot more varied, of course since the larger triangles would be out of a bunch of different fabrics. But this rather gives a good idea of what it would look like. I love playing with the Electric Quilt software. It's like making a quilt, without making a quilt. And being able to download the fabrics is a great way to get a general idea, at least, of the way the final project will look.


  1. Hi Cathy, I love the fabric in your sample block~ It looks like the 1800's fabric print. I use to work at a quilt shop and love all the 1800's fabrics, and finally collected enought to make a winter scrap quilt coat out of them! I probably like the first example of your 4 patterns. I like the border best! ♥♥♥

  2. That is fun to be able to see the different choices. I like the piano keys the best.

  3. Cathy, this is gorgeous!! The red is prominent in all of them -- it's just the prominent color in this bundle, isn't it?! I like the piano keys, but I also like the big HST for the border. This is going to be FUN!!! Yay!!! :)


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