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Monday 16 April 2012

Design Wall Monday April 16, 2012

I have a couple of things going on right now. OK, I'll admit it, more then a couple. but only a couple of things on my design wall. First off, the last 2 weeks worth of New York Beauties, using the April Colour Challenge Palette. Actually, I think the top left block is from last month. I think it's kinda cool how well the March and April palettes work together. I should have 4 more blocks done in April's colours by the end of the month.

The other thing up there is the Scrappy Dresden Plates. I have one last row to sew on, and then the last outer sashing strip, and the body of this quilt will be done. This is a really poor picture of it. I tried adjusting this photo to get the colours right, but it didn't quite work. They are a lot prettier than this. After the last row is sewn on, there will be some sort of a border, still to be decided, and it will count as done. This started off as a quilt along from Bunny Hill Designs, but I've deviated from their instructions. Theirs is quite a bit smaller, and is finished with a scalloped border, which I'm not doing. I wanted to keep the sashing white, with only the corner stones as a bit of contrast. This way I can do lots of fun filler quilting around the plates, without having to do a separate sashing quilting design.
I'm thinking of doing something similar to what I did here in the Sweet Treats quilt, and have the feathers roll up to and around the dresden plates, and then curl around the corner stones. I'm linking up to Judy's Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times. There are lots of fun quilts and eye candy to look at there.


  1. Things are looking great! I really like the setting blocks you used in the Dresden quilt. They give a little spot of color and interest in the fields of white without distracting from the plates. Great idea. The NYB are coming along nicely too.

  2. You have gorgeous projects on your design wall!

  3. Fun things to see...I really like the New York Beauties...it is great how well those colors are working!

  4. your NYBs are stunning!! Love the quilting and that would look fabulous on your dresden plate quilt. How fun is that? Gorgeous!

  5. Love your dresden quilt...it's one of my favorites!


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