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Wednesday 18 April 2012

Gail's Liberated Baskets

Gail picked up her quilt a week or so ago, but I wait for her do do a reveal of her quilt on her blog before I do it here. She posted about it a couple of days ago on her blog The cosy Quilter, which is actually a great name to capture one of the main attributes of quilts. Anyway, her quilt was a small wall hanging called "Fresh"
It's a pattern from Gwen Marsten's book Liberated Quiltmaking 2. Gail actually had the opportunity to go on a retreat and meet Gwen, and she took this quilt along with her to the retreat. So I actually had the opportunity to work on a quilt that Gwen collaborated on. Very cool. I love the backing on this quilt, all the fruits and vegetables, and happy bright colours. I think this is one of the best things about doing quilting for others - the opportunity to work on such a great variety of styles of piecing and fabrics.

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