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Wednesday 21 December 2011

UFO challenge 2012

Well, I've gone through my lists of UFO's, and thought seriously of what I want to do in the coming year. I think last years list had too many complex, labour intensive quilts on it, and it wasn't anywhere near realistic. So for next year I'm going to change it up a bit. I'm putting in 6 that need to have the actual piecing work finished, and 6 that need to be quilted and bound. But the 6 that I've chosen that need to be quilted aren't simple pantograph, or meandering type quilts. They are samplers, most of them, and need custom work of some sort, which is where the challenge comes in. I've been putting off doing them for that very reason. I'm going to put this list on my side bar as well, so I can have a visual list that I can cross off when they are done.

1. Roll Roll Cotton Boll. This one has all the units ready to go together, But it needs more of the string pieced neutrals made. I think I'm halfway done with them. I was thinking of cutting some light colour plaids and substituting those for half of the string units, but I haven't auditioned it out yet.                                        

2.  Cactus Rose I love this quilt, but it finishes at such an odd size, 67 x 67 which is too big for any of my walls, and too small for a bed. And it wouldn't be very easy to add an extra border because, if memory serves me correctly, the edges are scalloped. or there are curved sections.  I am seriously considering not doing the rest of the borders the pattern calls for, but simply adding a plain border, and let the center of the piece be the star of the show. If I do that, I think it will fit on the wall at the top of the stairs.

 3. Grandmothers Diamond Ring I started putting this one together, and didn't like the quality of the muslin I was using, and never got any further with it. So, I'll have to rip out what is done and start over. I might have to order in some cream or muslin type coloured fabric for it, since I don't think white will work. Of course, I suppose I could get adventurous, and try tea or coffee dying some of the 20 some odd yards of white I have hanging around here. 

 4. Log Cabin Sampler It is a very dark and dreary day today, so the colours in this picture aren't quite accurate, but it's close enough. This one only needs borders, and I have enough of the reds and blues I used in it to do it.

5. Endless Chain. I would really like to get back at this one, if only to get the drawer of odd size bits and pieces and strings to be able to close.

6. Disappearing 9 Patch this pile of blocks needs to be arranged, and then sewn together. There are enough here for a twin sized quilt.

7. Spring swap, which was hosted by Shannon at Pieceful Kwilter a couple of years ago. There is a block in here from Australia, I think. This one needs quilting and binding, but it was waiting for my skills to grow. I think I'm finally ready.

8. Double Duty, needs quilting and binding. It's been waiting because I really don't know how I want to quilt this. I love feathers, but this quilt has a more masculine feel and I don't think feathers would fit it. I would gladly take suggestions on this one, if anyone has an idea......

9. Pieceful Kwilter BOM from 2010 needs quilting and binding. This is another one that was waiting for my skills to grow, and is going to be a huge challenge to do.

10. The Rose Log Cabin that I put together this past year, needs quilting and binding. I'm not sure yet what to do with it, but the might be a feather or 2 involved somewhere.

11. Another Sampler that was sponsored by the Midnight Oil website/blog, that seems to be no longer functioning. Again, it has been sitting waiting for ideas and skills. There will probably be a lot of continuous curves involved with this one.

12. The Round Robin in the Window that was done more years ago than I can count, through the online yahoo group Canadian Quilt Swappers. They used to be really active with lots of swaps and stuff, but it seems to have dropped off in the last couple of years. And again, this one was waiting for me to grow up. I haven't a clue what to do with it. Any ideas.............??

Wow, that is quite the lengthy list, and quite the long post, too. If you stuck with me through the whole thing, I want to thank you, very much. It will be fun to see, come this time next year, (wasn't there a movie by that name with Alan Alda in it? Sorry, I got side tracked), how much of this list is finished. I'm linking up to Judy Laquidara's Patchwork Times 2012 UFO Challenge list. There are lots of other lists over there to read, Maybe even some as long as mine LOL!!


  1. Wow...lots of great projects! For the masculine log cabin...instead of feathers...maybe leaves on a vine...that might get your wheels turning. I think samplers are the most difficult to quilt...so many decisions...I totally understand your delay...but those samplers are so fun to piece! I did get two samplers done from my list and getting one done helped me figure out what to do on the second...so maybe you will fall into the groove once you get one tackled! Now...the cactus rose....gorgeous. My first thought was to do join the four blocks, treat as one and set it on point and then proceed like a medallion quilt design. Just a thought to help stir up your creative thinking.

  2. Oh my!! These quilts are so beautiful! Good luck and have fun working on your quilts. I'll be cheering you on!

  3. Cathy, as fast as you turn finished quilts out, I can hardly believe you have this many UFOs!! LOL! I love the little round robin quilt -- the last one? So sweet!! How was work?!? :)

  4. You've got some very pretty quilts in there...oh dear...the temptation starts already for ths 2012 challenge and so far all I've seen are the UNfinished projects! I've never heard of Grandmother's Diamond Ring, so I look forward to seeing that one come together particularly. Good luck getting them all done!

  5. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I think that I have a UFO list just as long as yours... maybe I need to sign up on Judy's challenge list too!

  6. You have shown so many lovely projects. I agree that making the challenge too difficult just sets you up for failure. You want the challenge to help you finish projects - not make you feel bad for not getting them done.

  7. What gorgeous projects you have to look forward to working on in 2012! Each one is amazing! That Grandmother's Diamond Ring is a pattern I haven't seen before. I will enjoy following along with your progress next year!

  8. Wow, love your ufos. You're going to have a great stack of finished quilts by the end of 2012.

  9. Wow, you're working on some gorgeous quilts!


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