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Saturday 17 December 2011

I'm procratinating.........

I have a customer quilt here, waiting for me to do it. She wants it before Christmas, and I really should get it onto the machine, and done today, so she can pick it up tomorrow. Instead, I'm blog hopping and pinteresting. I found a wonderful site called Design Seeds which has all kinds of different colour palettes, based on different photographs. Some of them would make fabulous colours for quilts. So, I've been going through those, dreaming of future quilts rather than doing what I should be doing.

These are just 2 examples of all the wonderful colour combinations. Judy Laquidara of Patchwork times and Vicki Welsh of Field trips in Fiber are hosting a colour palette challenge starting in January, I am assuming that it will be a similar idea to the pictures and colour isolations from the pictures like these. I think it would be a really fun thing to do. Maybe not every month, but when one grabs my attention. And, If I understand what I read on Vicki's blog, she'll have hand dyed fabric available in the palette colours. I just might have to start checking out patterns on EQ7 that use 5 to 6 colours. Oh, wait a minute, I'm supposed to be doing a customer quilt.
On another note, the shift I did last night was infinitely better than the last 2. We were full staffed, and thus able to give the care and attention the patients deserved. Such a relief. And now, I'm off to do that quilt.


  1. I so understand procrastination! I love Vicki Welsh's hand dyed fabrics. Did you see her giveaway? Awesome stuff!! Glad to hear last night's shift went better than the prior two had. :)

  2. I too find it so easy to get distracted from what I really should be doing! There is so much wonderful eye candy "out there".


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