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Sunday 16 October 2011

Stash Report Week 43

It would appear that I have missed a few weeks in reporting, here. Oh well, I've been keeping track of incomings and outgoings, and there has been more in than out the last few weeks. I've been doing a fair amount of cutting and sewing in the last couple of days. A lot of that has been crumbs, which by their very nature, take a long time to use up any appreciable amount of yardage. I've done 27 of the 6.5 inch crumb squares in the last couple of weeks, which roughly works out to about 42 inches of fabric. It sounds like a lot, but the drawers and boxes that it came out of don't look any emptier. I suppose it could have something to do with how tightly packed it all was in the drawer. In my travels around the blogs of the other people participating in the crumb along, they all seem to express the same thing. I also cut out 3 more swoon blocks on Saturday, that I'm hoping to sew up today. Each one of those blocks take 21 inches of fabric. Now, on to the totals:

Fabric used since week 40:                       3.7 yards
Fabric used this year:                              109.4 yards
Fabric purchased since week 40:                 7 yards
Fabric purchased this year:                      136 yards
Balance:                                        26.6 more yards in than out.

I've discovered in the process of cutting out for Swoon, that I'm running out of white fabric. I've been using a lovely Kona Snow, and there is only about a yard and a half left of it. So, there will shortly be a large influx of more of that. It is a staple for every quilters sewing needs, sort of like flour, or sugar for a kitchen. I'll probably get a bolt of it, which will bump those in numbers up by 20 yards. But there are so many quilts on my want-to-do list that all will use it, so it will go out fairly quickly. (That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it. giggle) This bolt that I'm currently finishing was actually ordered before my daughter's wedding. We looked all over the place for something that would look good as the white runner down the aisle. But everything that we saw in the stores that was purposed for that was a really cheap, thin, ugly plastic, that was priced way too high, and was useless for anything else afterwards. So I had the bright idea to order the bolt of white fabric, use it for the runner down the aisle, and then use it for quilts afterwards. Using that timeline, since they were married a year on June 12th, I've used 19 yards of white fabric in 16 months. Not bad, not bad at all.
And now, I'm going to link up with Judy's stash report linky at Patchwork Times and check out what some other quilters have been up to this past week, while I finish off my coffee. And then, it's time to sew Swoon blocks together.


  1. I absolutely love to hear other quilters who want to buy fabric by the bolt and do! I agree...it is like having a properly stocked pantry!

  2. It's funny timing but I am also planning on buying a bolt of white fabric. I seem to be using a lot of it lately!


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