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Friday 14 October 2011

Crumbing along quite nicely

I spent all of yesterday, except for food breaks, and computer breaks, playing with crumbs. This week's assignment was log cabin blocks. I did six of them, for in the regular manner, and 2 as courthouse steps variation. I had thought, when I started them, these will be so cool, I'll love them.......... nope. They're OK, but they aren't my favourites. I went on and just started pulling stuff from the crumbs and strings drawer/box/plastic tote beside my sewing table, and I've decided that, so far, I like the free form, add whatever fits in the space style best. Between the log cabin blocks, and the free form, I've done 21 more crumb blocks.                                                                             
Jo, at Jo's Country Junction, who is guiding us along on this Crumb Along challenged us to take all our blocks and lay them out, to get an idea of how they play together, what colours or block styles need more or less. So, I gathered my courage, and laid them all out. 
She said to look to see if we needed to add more of the accent colour. I don't think I have an accent colour, not a planned one, at least. But I do see a fair amount of red poking through, and there is a fair amount of a blue background, with red hearts fabric in it too. Does that count? Anyway, I'm going to leave these where they are, for now. We're supposed to have 42 finished for next week, and there are 45 here, so we'll see where we go from here. I'm linking up with the rest of the group that are crumbing along. They are at that link that I put in earlier. Go take a look, if you have a few minutes. The variety is fascinating. I'm going to try today to see if I can get the Swoon blocks I have cut out, sewn together.


  1. Cathy, I'm loving these little crumb blocks! And I think you're right -- there's a lot of red and even a lot of darker blue. Gonna go check out the link, now. Have a great weekend!!! :)

  2. So glad that your eyes have healed up enough to get sewing again! You are very brave to put all your blocks together...I'm still afraid of that! I need a "trainer" to make me do it! LOL

  3. I think all your blocs look fabulous! I love seeing the splashes of yellow.
    I'm hoping to make a few more this weekend sometime. My planned sewing weekend has a couple hiccups in it but it's all good.

    Looks like you are all ready for the next set of directions tomorrow. I need to get them written.


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