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Wednesday 14 September 2011

Too cute not to share.

I might actually be doing a couple of posts today, one family related, and the other quilt related. While we were away visiting Noel, Laurie and Avery, I took a couple of videos of Avery using the camera. All well and good, until I tried uploading one of them to my blog. Do you think I could get it to work? Nope, wouldn't do it. Of course, not having a clue about what I was doing didn't help. Then, I found out that it should be uploaded to Youtube first. Sure, OK, I can do that........... not. I couldn't get it to upload, and when I finally figured out how to do that, it said it would take 138 minutes to complete. Huh????? We just started a new internet provider, and it hasn't been going well so far. The blistering speeds we were led to expect haven't happened. In fact, for a while it was slower than the old dial up. Anyway, fast forward a couple of days, and much troubleshooting later, and the speeds are better. It only took 38 minutes to upload a little over a minute worth  of the videos from my camera to youtube. So, without further delay here he is, his first video performance on my blog, my wonderful oh so adorable grandson Avery.....


  1. Boohoo, it says "this video is private".

    I am actually in Washington, DC being the nanny to our Paige. DS and DIL each started new jobs on Monday and haven't found a nanny yet. Aw shucks, I guess I'll just have to help out. :) I must say, I am more tired than I expected.

  2. Hey.... I got to see it in OZ! Avery is a cutie. I am" Nanny" too. Its exhausting...William 21 months...No time to work out a personal blog let alone uploading a video...you need a medal!

  3. He is such a darling!! Love it, love it!! :)


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