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Sunday 18 September 2011

Stash Report Week 38

This is another 2 week report, since we were up visiting the kids and grandkid last weekend. And there is a big WOOHOO in this one. I have broken the 100 yards used mark. And I'm only 18.8 yards away from breaking even. I've been working rather steadily on the Roll roll cotton boll quilt mystery from Bonnie Hunter, which is no longer a mystery because she published it last year. I've been doing the string pieced neutral setting squares, and they eat up a lot of fabric. I'm not really sure how to figure out exactly how much, though, so I've taken the finished size of the squares, and added 40% to allow for all the seams, and all the trimmings that get hacked off, and thrown away, because they are too small to use for anything else. I'd be interested to know how anyone else figures out amounts for string pieced and crumb blocks.

Fabric used in 2 weeks:            4.9 yards
Fabric used this year:             102.7 yards
Purchased in 2 weeks:               0 yards
Purchased this year:               121.5 yards
Balance:                                  18.8 yards more purchased than used.

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  1. Good for you! There's no possible way I can break even this year, but I've stopped stressing about it.

  2. Congrats on breaking the 100 yard mark!

    For your quilt, I'd take the total yardage estimate for the mystery, and use that as overall usage once the quilt is done. Otherwise, I try to estimate how many width-of-fabric strips I used, multiplied by the width of strip. But what you are doing makes perfect sense, so I don't see anything wrong with it. As Judy always says - there are no quilt police.

  3. Over a 100 yards! Marvelous. You'll have more used than purchased in no time.


  4. Congrats on breaking the 100 yard milestone! I have to get my RRCB layered/basted/quilted soon - it has been hanging around waiting. I really want to get it done before her next mystery quilt starts.

  5. YIPPEE 100 yards used! I got there but couldn't stay at the net because I bought too much too :(. Of course everything that I bought has been finding is way eventually on the used side. I'm working hard to get the net to 100! You are so close... I have no idea how to figure out yardage for strip blocks. It is certainly something I would like to know though. I think I way underestimate since usually I tend to think size of block times how many. Stopped trying to think of seams and how much gets whacked off. I'm making Jamestown Landing which also uses strip blocks 4.5 in size and a bunch of them... Work quick to finish RRCB...November when Bonnie puts out the next mystery is fast approaching! Sandi


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