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Thursday 20 January 2011

Today's progress.......

In addition to the 2 blocks for the 100 block challenge, I managed to finish almost everything on my list from yesterday, except for the machine work on the fusible appliques, and the prepping of the applique shapes for the My Tweets, but those I can do before I go to work tomorrow. But, I have a good excuse. Hy dear husband came home with the "Pillars of the Earth" series. So, we've been watching it for most of the evening. And, while watching it, I've actually finished the binding on the Nine Patch Pineapple quilt, to give me my first full finish of the year. And then, I've got one side of the Card Trick stitched down. Woohoo!! I promised pictures of the three wall hangings, and the fishies.  There isn't a lot of quilting detail to show on the wall hangings, since they were very simply quilted around the shapes of the applique, and in the ditch arounf the borders. But, they sure are cute. I'll put up a pic of the finished Pineapple NIne Patch tomorrow.

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