Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Thursday 13 January 2011

100 block challenge squares

Is it ever a lazy day around our house today. One of those pretty winter days that are best spent indoors. The snow is falling, but there isn't much wind, so the flakes are just kind of softly drifting down. If I were the active, outdoorsy type person, this would be a perfect day for a walk. But, I'm not, or at least not in the winter. However, It isn't supposed to be a lazy day. We have errands to run, and groceries to pick up, but I have no motivation to do anything, except stay put indoors. (sigh) But, the cupboards are close to being bare, and the refrigerator is near empty, after it's annual New Year's purging of out dated stuff. This is the first day since Christmas vacation that Scott and I have actually had a day off, so we have to get some stuff done. Oh well. I managed to get this weeks blocks for the 100 block challenge done. They are both fused to the fabric, but haven't been stitches down yet. I tend to save that step until I have a lot of it to do, since it involves messing with the tension of my machine to get the invisible thread to work properly. So, when I get enough of them, I put a movie in, usually one that I know, so that I can listen to it, and still know what is happening. I should try talking books, sometime. That would work, too. But, I've procrastinated long enough, and the grocery store is beckoning.


  1. I have also been thinking about audio books. So many people love them but I have a hard time believing I could pay enough attention to the book if I was busily sewing. Guess I should try it before dismissing it.
    Love your fabric choices on the trees block.

  2. Audio books are awesome! I'm listening to one right now that is read by a gal that sounds just like Kathryn Hepburn so I have visualized KH as the main character. :) A movie in my head.
    I just finished fusing my trees and snowmen and after dinner, I'll start the blanket stitch. I have oodles of rayon thread so I use that. Works good so far. :) Your blocks look great.


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