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Sunday 19 September 2010

We're home

This is that long road down to the bathroom at the end of it.
Not bad in the daylight, quite pretty, actually. But, beware
the dark of night.
Our lovely little hardtop trailer, that I truly enjoy, except for the major
flaw of no bathroom

Well, I must say that these past 10 days of vacation just flew by. But then, they always do, don't they. We spent 5 days at Sauble Falls Provincial Park, and another 5 days at Earl Rowe Provincial Park. We had never been to either park, and they were both nice, each in their own way. Sauble Falls was quite foresty and wilderness like, and not very close to any major cities. Earl Rowe, on the other hand, was quite close to a city, and far more planned, city park like. Each had their own goods and bads to them, but, on the whole, I preferred the forest to the city park, if only for the quiet alone. When we got to Sauble Falls on the Wednesday, there were only ourselves, and one other couple in the whole campground section we were in, and they were on the far side of it from us. It had to have been the darkest, spookiest 11 o'clock at night walk to the bathroom I have ever done. No moon, and no stars for light, since it was overcast, and had been raining. Just the forest, a small flashlight, and me. I had been softhearted, and left Scott sound asleep in the trailer, not having the heart to wake him up, drag him out of a warm bed, just to walk me down to the bathroom. I thought I was this brave, stout-hearted, modern woman, who could manage the walk by herself. Wrong! I couldn't see anything outside the small circle of my flashlight, but could hear all kinds of rustlings and strange noises. I was halfway there, and totally spooked, but kept going. Needless to say, for the rest of those lonely, late night walks, I woke Scott up, dragged him out of bed, and had him accompany  me down that road. I love my little camper trailer, but I must confess to coveting an upgrade to one with a bathroom in it, just for situations like that.


  1. how cool to have a park to yourselves-in spite of the night time potty spooks! :)
    sounds like a lovely relaxing time.

  2. There is no way I would have walked to the potty alone. NO way!! You are a brave woman!! ;0)
    I am a spoiled rotten camper. I want my motor home, bathroom with shower and hot water and my own bed. I want my generator or an outlet so I can run my sewing machine. I love camping my way. :)


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