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Saturday 25 September 2010

September Goals, revisited

I'm looking back at my post from the beginning of September, where I set myself some goals. And, I'm happy to say all, except one, are accomplished.

1. Vacation, sadly, done
2. Finish applique on second Cactus Rose block. Done, plus all the shapes prepped for the last 2, and the      third is about 1/3 on it's way to being done.
3. Finish unit 2's for Pineapple quilt-a-long. Done.
4. Finish Double Duty top. not done, yet, but I'm hoping to get to it this week on my days off.
5. Bind and hand sew down the binding of OBW. Done.

Added onto this was doing 12 Card Trick blocks for a swap that I'd entered, and forgotten about. They have to be done, and in the mail by the end of the month. All the elements for the blocks are done. They just need to be sewn into blocks. I was going to finish then yesterday, before going to work, but the seams aren't playing nicely together by going in opposite directions, and I got frustrated with trying to figure it out. Maybe today, before going to work will do it. When all else fails, cheat and clip them to get them going opposite. Pics will come later. The memory card on my camera is full, and I haven't had time to upload them, yet. Between working 6 out of 7 days, and having to clean up the mealy bug infestation, there hasn't been a lot of spare time for things like that. Hopefully, I'll get to it before Monday, so I can have some pics for Design wall monday. What spare time I have had has been spent playing with a new toy and a new project. Again, pics to follow later. Setting these goals for the month was helpful, I found, to give focus and something to work towards. I think I will do it again for October. And now, the card tricks, or my new project are calling.

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