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Wednesday 21 July 2010

Fabric in the mail

I have an online fabric store that I really like called Thousands of Bolts, only One Nut . It is a large site, with great selection, and even better prices. Every now and then, twice a year, I think, they have a sale on their fat quarters and short cuts. $1.35 per fat quarter, which, for us in Canada at least, is a fabulous price. In the stores here, a fat quarter starts at $3.00 each. The shipping is really fast. I put the order in on Friday night, and the package arrived today. In it were, backing fabric for Shakespeare in the Park, and 78 fat quarters. I went sort of nuts. Oh, and another thing I like about this store, they label each of their fat quarters with the colour, a serial number, and the manufacturer and the fabric line it comes from. This makes sorting them for putting them away incredibly easy. It seems all the books and patterns I've bought lately are geared towards fat quarters, so, I now have enough to last awhile. (giggle) So, now I can drool over them as I put them away, and make plans for the next to be started. Shakespeare is only a couple of hours away from being done, so that is my goal for today.


  1. Yay! That's fun! I'll have to bookmark the site for Thousands of Bolts...that they mark their FQ's with the fabric line is awesome! :)

  2. I like this read fabric - it's fun!


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