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Friday 12 March 2010

Small bites work

Well, after having the last 3 days off, it's back to work for the weekend. I managed to get a fair amount accomplished yesterday, lots of batiks cut up, and a couple of test runs done for the crazy curves. They weren't to bad to sew up. After doing wedding ring arcs, and the curves in Cactus Rose, these were pretty easy. I got 4 more blocks done for the endless chain, and 80 pieces for Kitchen sink. I think I like doing small bits of things for limited times. Maybe I have ADD and don't know it. (giggle) Somehow, it feels like I get more done that way. On a non-quilty note, the wedding invitations are all done, and after they put in the cards that say where they have registered, are ready to go in the mail. That was a huge job. We bought do it yourself kits from Michael's, and, although it was definitely a cost saving, it did take a huge chunk of time, but it was fun too. Nicole comes for her dress fitting tomorrow, so I can get it finished this week, I hope. So far, we are managing to get stuff done with enough time to spare to prevent feeling panicked. Hopefully, it can stay that way. Anyway, time to go play for awhile before going to work.

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