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Wednesday 31 March 2010

Hyper critical

I finished a customer quilt a couple of days ago. I didn't taken a picture of it, because I wasn't happy with the way it turned out. I've been upset, and nervous, and anxious, about her reaction when she picked it up, since she is a long time customer of mine. She just picked it up and loved it. The stuff that I was obsessing over didn't bother her in the least. So, my question to myself is, what was I so upset about? When I looked at it again, when I got it out for her, it wasn't that bad. Am I too hard on myself, or was I just having a bad day when I did that quilt? Maybe I was just "hormonally deprived" that day, as I seem to be most days, LOL. I lost part of a night's sleep over the silly thing. Is it just me, being overly critical of the stuff I do? Somehow, I don't think I'm alone in this, which helps, a bit, at least. I talk to many women, in person, and here online, and we all seem to do the same thing. Why is that? Why can't we do something, and be happy with what we do, rather than looking for the mistakes, or the not quite perfect in it? So, lesson learned, take pictures, even if I'm not happy with it, because what I'm not happy with, is probably just me being hyper-critical of my own stuff, stressing out over something that needs no stress put out over it. I just discovered something else, too, that writing about it seems to help to put it in perspective. Something else I'm going to have to remember, next time, and I'm quite sure there will be a next time. Thanks for listening. DO you do the same thing?


  1. Hey Cathy! I think being hyper-critical of self is a typical feminine trait. Isn't it awful the things we do to ourselves? I'm sure your quilting was beautiful. *Hugs*! :)

  2. Yep, Cathy, I do it too. I put off starting quilting a quilt until this morning because I'd suggested a light grey thread and the lady who's quilt it is agreed, but said it was out of her comfort zone....Uh-oh. Was she agreeing with me cuz she thinks I know more or is she really ok with it?? worry/worry/worry.
    I started quilting it this morning (sweating) and it looks just fine (like I knew it would) so why do I second guess myself? It's a mystery and I'm sure it will keep on happening.
    I think it's because we keep striving to make the next quilt better in some way, straighter seams, crisper points, less wonky feathers-whatever; so we get in a habit of looking very critically at our work. It's a good thing in moderation, but I know I let it get out of whack sometimes, like this latest 'thread worry'. So I really try to keep it in check, it's a balance for sure.
    I mean seriously, if I started to quilt w/the grey thread and it looked bad, I would have known and stopped and made a change...no biggie.

    or maybe we just have a big ole worry gene and that's how it goes, sigh. :)


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