Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Thursday 4 March 2010

Pleasant surprise

I got up this morning, and, as usual, checked out the various blogs I follow, as well as checking out the comments on my own. Imagine my surprise to find that the author of the Endless Chain book had commented on my post. Wow!!! It's easy to forget just how far reaching this internet thing is. It has kind of given me some incentive to take it from a work on every now and then project, to a work on more consistently project. I'm now up to having 94 of the wedges pieced up. If I allow 15 inches of approximately 2 inch fabric for each wedge, it adds up to roughly 2 yards of fabric used up. So, why doesn't that pile look any smaller?  (sigh) I think the are fabric gremlins who come in the night and multiply fabric. Or, maybe rumpelstiltskin comes in and weaves straw into fabric, instead of gold. (giggle). I have a lot of a navy fabric here that I think might work for the wedges in between the wedges. I think I'll go and try it out, and will post a pic when done.


  1. Too Cool... that's a pretty sweet incentive to keep on piecing regardless of what the gremlins are doing at night.

  2. Your endless chain is going to be a cool quilt and your giving the gremlins a job....I've done a string star this way but it is still unquilted.

  3. Have fun using up your scraps. It will be a very colorful quilt! Thanks for stopping by my Blog today. Lucky to have a Longarm! I'd finish more of my quilts if I had one. I'm "green" with jealousy in March...


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