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Friday 19 March 2010

I found my dress!

I took the dress that I was making for myself for Rebecca's wedding out of the closet the other day, and tried it on. I had put it into the closet because I wanted to lose some more weight before finishing it. There was something about it I just wasn't happy with, so, since I have lost about 13 pounds, I decided that I would give dress shopping another try, before investing any more time into the dress I was making. So, off Becca and I went, and who would have thought those pounds would make such a big difference. It's hard to get a really good picture of it, but enough to at least get an idea. It isn't really revealing, and it certainly isn't mother-of-the-bride frumpy. I love it! the actual colour is a bit darker and bluer. In addition to finding my dress, we also found shoes and jewelry to go with it. Then, we found her hairpiece for going above her veil, and her jewelry, and then we found necklaces and earrings for gifts for the bridesmaids. Woohoo. All in all a good couple of days worth of shopping were had by mother and daughter. It was fun to spend that time with her, too. She's in her final month of school at college, and it has been a brutal year for her, with not a lot of time available for anything outside school work, so it was nice to have that time, even if she did have to steal it from school work she should have been doing. I feel a whole lot better, too, now that I know what I am wearing, and that part is done, and can be crossed off the to do list. Huge sigh of relief. And now, I'm off to get ready for work.


  1. gorgeous dress. I breathed a sigh of relief for you too...

  2. *Hugs*! Yay for you both! The dress is beautiful; glad you got all those things checked off the proverbial list!!! Have a *great* weekend! :)

  3. pretty dress; finding the right dress to wear is a big step. I really struggled with what to wear to my children's weddings.


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